About us

Prefix has a simple mission - to connect people to content through world-class, web-based software. We are a focused business with a rich history and dynamic team that share our dream to be the best in the world at what we do.

We believe strongly in the potential of emerging markets, that's why we are growing our brand across the world by offering a great product and passionate customer service. By travelling regularly to far-away places to learn and share, we remain cutting edge with a global-perspective.

Founded in 2004 by Endeavor entrepreneurs Sam Hutchinson and Josh Adler , Prefix continues to grow as a trusted partner for our clients and one of the best places in the world to work for our staff.

giving back

At prefix we strongly believe that education is a catalyst for social progress. As a company that places emphasis on technology, we believe that technology can be harnessed and used for social change in ways that can improve efficiency and communication in schools. We provide Everlytic for free to any school in South Africa through our Tech for Schools programme.

We give back to NPOs in our NGO Programme. Non-governmental and non-profit organisations get free access to Everlytic to help them create more awareness and communicate with their stakeholders.

our culture

Prefix HQ is a little mecca for our team of digital mavens. It is here that ideas are hatched and executed at breakneck speed – due to the simple fact that it's a happy place of people who enjoy their work. Based in Johannesburg – Africa's world-class city and home to far more global internet success stories than you might think – we are reminded every day of how transformative the internet can be for people around the world.
We believe in hard work and lots of fun with a proactive learning and sharing environment.